Conditions of the PR Impact Awards 2018 Competition


Entries to the public relations competition “PR Impact Awards 2018” organised by the Lithuanian Communication Association (hereinafter – LTKA) and the Association of Public Relations Agencies (hereinafter – RSVA) may be submitted by public relations agencies, independent public relations consultants, and divisions of companies and non-governmental organisations and also departments and units of public institutions in charge of communication. The client or the management must be notified about the participation in the competition and their consent must be obtained.

Application submission costs EUR 50. After submitting your application you will be given your application ID which you must quote when making the payment.

The participants must provide the information about a public relations project implemented between May 2017 and April 2018 (inclusive). Entry applications must be filled in by April 27, 2018.

The applications will be judged by their originality, results and impact by the international “PR Impact Awards 2018” Jury.

The winners will be announced at the annual communication event “PR Impact Awards 2018” on May 18.

I. „PR Impact Awards 2018“ nomination categories
1.    Corporate communications.
Corporate communication project, during which the activities of an organization, its values, financial performance, corporate reputation, etc. are presented to external audiences, or a crisis is managed.

2.    Integrated communications campaign.
Complex communication campaigns, during which various forms of public relations, advertising and other forms of communication, and also various channels for reaching target audiences are used.

3.    Public sector communications.
Campaign or program for public sector organizations (e.g., local authorities, government departments or government authorities) to promote their policies, services, achievements or to inform society with the problems, innovations or changes.

4.    NGOs communications.
Campaign or program of non-governmental organisations to promote their unique positions, achievements, or to inform society with the problems innovations or changes.

5.    Social responsibility project.
Social responsibility initiatives covering not only the business sector-specific economic objectives, but also social, communal and environmental aspects contributing to sustainable development of society.

6.    Internal communications.
Internal communication projects aimed at creating and developing relations between an organisation and its employees, strengthening an organisation’s internal culture, communicating future change, and implementing and developing new or existing values.

7.    Event.
Corporate or marketing communication events which present corporate knowledge, news, products and/or services to internal or external target audiences.

8.    Digital communications.
Communication of an organization and/or trademark in social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

9.    Innovation in communications.
The use of a new technology or an innovative project management methodologies in communications.

10.    Influencer & Viral Communications.
Communication project that focused around an influencer and/or went viral..

11.    PR / Communication Agency of the year.
Agency received the highest number of awards.

12.    Miss Publica.
The most popular communications project voted by the participants of the PR Impact Awards 2018 event.