“PR Impact Awards” deadline extended: public sector organisations share tips


With the last few days left to apply for the “PR Impact Awards 2024”, the organisers are inviting not only communication agencies and other private sector organisations, but also representatives of the public sector to send applications. Their campaigns have won awards for years, and last year’s winners share their reasons for entering the competition and their tips for success.

The organisers are also calling on you to take advantage of the last chance to apply, as the deadline has been extended to 8 May at 23.59.  

Helping to raise awareness

Last year, the Lithuanian Police won awards in five categories: 1st prizes in the Employer Communication and Digital Communication categories; 2nd prizes in the Innovation in Communication, Opinion Makers and Viral Communication and Public Sector Communication Campaign categories. According to Ramūnas Matonis, Head of the Communication Division of the Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior, it is useful for every organisation that has implemented a successful communication campaign to assess what experts in the field think about it. 

“There are many criteria in competitions that the jury uses to assess the project, so it is always worth looking at the results through the eyes of a professional. In addition, participation helps to raise the profile of the organisation in the public sphere”, says Matonis.

Eglė Kučinskaitė, Head of Communications at the Lithuanian Transport Safety Association (LTSA), echoes him. She says that when you know you have implemented a great project, it is not difficult to decide whether to participate in the PR Impact Awards.

“This competition is a great opportunity to show colleagues and the communication community in Lithuania what we have managed to do this year, to share effective examples. When you manage to implement a successful project, you don’t want to keep it all to yourself. Sharing is even more important than winning,” says Kučinskaitė, adding that communication is a powerful tool that can make a big difference in any field. 

Trust in the organisation grows

Both public sector representatives agree that the award has given them even more motivation to improve, to push themselves and to develop new ideas, and that it has given their employees a sense of pride in their organisation. 

Last year, LTSA won the award in the internal communication category. E. Kučinskaitė shares that such projects, when it is necessary to change entrenched attitudes within the organisation, often meet with resistance, criticism and scepticism. “Not everyone was satisfied with the changes implemented in the organisation, so a lot of effort had to be put into changing the attitudes of the employees, and only then the behaviour. People don’t feel the benefits of all this immediately, but when they receive thanks from customers and recognition in a competition, their trust in the organisation and in communication increases,” she says.

What kind of campaign can be considered successful?

It is the changes that have been implemented, according to the Head of LTSA’s Communication Department, that is the main criterion for judging a successful communication campaign. “We can achieve change when we have a clear strategy, focused on clear objectives and specific problem solving. If this is not the case, the success of the communication cannot be expected. Of course, the idea of the project itself and the activities that make people think and act differently are also very important,” says E. Kučinskaitė.

“If you have managed to achieve at least part of what was planned, then the project can be called a success. It’s great if it has been noticed in the public space, appreciated within the company, and is well received by professionals, but the most important thing is that the objectives are met.”

The public sector is not boring

According to Kučinskaitė, everyone should be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour, and the public sector is no exception. 

“We have been running the whole campaign from the very idea, so it is a myth that the public sector can’t do something on its own, without agencies. We have competent and professional people whose projects are second to none in business. The truth is that “under an agency”, the institutions themselves often feel more confident, but without it, they are more hesitant to participate. However, it is important not to be afraid, to prepare an application and to submit it boldly to the jury for evaluation,” says the Head of LTSA’s Communication Department, who urges not to be afraid of breaking the established stereotypes.

“It has always seemed that such competitions are not for the public sector but for business. So, although it is still modest, it is encouraging that more and more public sector organisations are applying and participating. Their projects are not inferior to those of the private sector, and sometimes they are more interesting and original, and can surprise experts who have seen it all,” notes Matonis.

He points out that there is still a widespread perception that the public sector is boring, staffed by bureaucrats and civil servants, but, according to the expert, this sector is changing. “The budget of a project does not have to be large. It may not be big at all. The most important thing is not to be afraid to participate and to hear insights, criticism, advice and praise. I think this is very important for the organisation and the employees”, concludes Matonis.

Separate category for public sector evaluation

This year, a jury of Lithuanian and foreign experts will select the winners in as many as 20 categories, 4 of which will recognise the best projects from individual sectors – public, public-private, public-private enterprise/private enterprise, business and non-governmental organisations. These sectoral categories will be judged only for the projects submitted to them. The organisers therefore invite you to submit your application for a project related to a specific area of communication, in addition to the appropriate sector category.

The deadline for submissions is 8th of May. The best projects will be announced and awarded at the PR Impact Awards 2024 closing event in Vilnius on 7th of June. The event will traditionally consist of three parts: conference presentations and discussions, the presentation of the best communication projects and the awards evening.  

Find the preliminary programme and buy tickets on the “PR Impact Awards” website.

The conference and the PR Impact Awards are organised for the 11th time by the Lithuanian Communication Association (LTKA) together with the Communication Industry Association (KIA). The partners of the event are the media analysis company “Mediaskopas”, the marketing and communication news portal “M360” and the sociological research company “Spinter tyrimai”.  For more information visit www.primpactawards.com


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