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PR Impact Awards Categories

PR Impact Award Category

Corporate Communication campaign

Corporate communication project, during which the activities of an organization, its values, financial performance, corporate reputation, etc. are presented to external audiences, or a crisis is managed.

PR Impact Award Category

Integrated Communications Campaign

Complex communication campaign, during which various forms of public relations, advertising and other forms of communication, and also various channels for reaching target audiences are used.

PR Impact Award Category

Public sector Communication campaign

Campaign or a program for public sector organizations (e.g., local authorities, government departments or government authorities) to promote their policies, services, achievements or to inform society with the problems, innovations or changes.

PR Impact Award Category

NGO’s Communication campaign

Campaign or a program of non-governmental organisations to promote their unique positions, achievements, or to inform society with the problems innovations or changes.

PR Impact Award Category

Social Responsibility or Sustainability campaign

Social responsibility initiatives covering not only the business sector-specific economic objectives, but also social, communal and environmental aspects contributing to sustainable development of society.

PR Impact Award Category

Internal Communication campaign

Internal communication project aimed at creating and developing relations between an organisation and its employees, strengthening an organisation’s internal culture, communicating future change, and implementing and developing new or existing values.

PR Impact Award Category

Event PR

Corporate or marketing communication event which present corporate knowledge, news, products and/or services to internal or external target audiences.

PR Impact Award Category

Digital Communication campaign

Communication of an organization and/or trademark in social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

PR Impact Award Category

Innovation in Communication

The use of a new technology or an innovative project management methodologies in communications.

PR Impact Award Category

Influencers’ and viral Communication campaign

Communication project that focused around an influencer and/or went viral.

PR Impact Award Category

Employer Branding campaign

Projects for creating a positive image of an employer.

PR Impact Award Category

Sponsorship campaign

Communication for sponsorship activities.

PR Impact Award Category

Leadership communication

Projects aimed at creating / strengthening positive image of the organization’s leaders in order to create / strengthen the organization’s leadership in a certain category / sector.

PR Impact Award Category

PR Agency of the Year

Agency with the highest number of awards.

PR Impact Award Category

Public's Favourite

The most popular communications project voted by the participants of the “PR Impact Awards”  event.

Miia Rosenqvist

Director, Finnish Association of Communications Professionals "ProCom"

Angela Howarth

Board member, Group director of Marketing and Communications, European Association of Communication Directors (EACD)

Dennis Larsen

Board member, European Association of Communication Directors (EACD)

Phil Riggins

Brand and reputation strategist, Brand & Reputation Collective (the BRC)

Renata Matkevičienė

Researcher , Faculty of Communication, Vilnius University

Viktorija Urbonavičiūtė

Director of Communications, Lithuanian Government

Lina Jakučionienė

Ambassador of the for Lithuania, European Association of Communication Directors (EACD), Vilnius University Lecturer

Nina Klebanskaja

Associate Professor, Vytautas Magnus University

Vasaris Oržekauskas

CEO and partner, Inspired communications

Vilūnė Kairienė

Head of Analysis and Data Solutions, "Mediaskopas"

Mindaugas Ardišauskas

Corporate Communication & Public Affairs specialist, Independent consultant

Ignas Zokas

Head of market and public opinion, Spinter research

Philippe Borremans

Vice President, International Association of Risk and Crisis Communication (IARCC)

Kristine Mennika

Head of Corporate Communications, Citadele Bank

Alex Malouf

Reputational Affairs Manager, P&G

Aive Hiiepuu

Partner and Managing Director, PR Concept