“PR Impact Awards” grows: special focus on crisis communications and record number of categories this year


“Crises happen on Fridays: the role of communication in a world of uncertainty” – the “PR Impact Awards”, the largest event for Lithuanian communication professionals, returns this year. On 7th of June in Vilnius, experts in the field will share their insights, the best communication projects will be presented and the winners will be awarded. Now in its 11th year, the competition invites entries in 20 categories and will traditionally also select the best Communicator of the Year.

There is no right time for crisis

“It is clear that crises do not come at a time that is convenient for a manager, a communicator or anyone else: they happen when they happen – after work, on weekends or when they are away. And while not all scenarios can be foreseen, crises often warn us in advance, so it is possible to prepare for them. A crisis management plan and specific competencies are essential for effective and timely communication and, at the same time, for minimising the potential damage,” says Donatas Kuras, one of the organisers of the event and the Chairman of the Council of the Lithuanian Communication Association (LTKA).

However, he points out that even a great plan may not work if the communicator and others responsible for dealing with the crisis lack speed, empathy and the ability to think strategically.

“To manage a crisis, it is important to be able to assess the broad context and anticipate several steps ahead, to adapt to changing circumstances, to develop clear, unambiguous messages and, of course, to pay sufficient attention to managing relations with key stakeholders. Success is not only about having a plan, but also about implementing it in real, often rapidly changing, circumstances,” says Kuras.

Answering key questions is important

As Vaidotas Vyšniauskas, Chairman of the Council of the Lithuanian Communication Industry (KIA), says, the never-ending global and local crises are a reality that is constantly approaching each of us thanks to the rapid development of communication tools.

“This is a year of political change: the democratic world is experiencing a huge number of elections, the war in Ukraine that Russia has started is now in its third year, we are witnessing events in Gaza and tensions in other parts of the world. In such a context, crises, including communication crises, are a permanent phenomenon”, Vyšniauskas notes.

In addition to the geopolitical challenges, he continues, we are living in an environment of economic stress and great uncertainty. We are also increasingly wondering whether humans will be replaced by artificial intelligence, how much more damage cyber-attacks and the development of the deepfake will do.

“We cannot escape the pressures of the new reality and technology, so it is important to learn to operate within the current environment. To facilitate this, communication professionals need to work together to find answers to key questions: how do organisations communicate when there is so much uncertainty around them; what is the true value of communication when some of it can be planned and even implemented by artificial intelligence; how do communication professionals stay motivated to learn and improve, while at the same time not burning out and taking care of their emotional health? “, asks the communication expert, adding that he hopes these and other questions will be answered at the “PR Impact Awards 2024”.

This year there are 20 categories

The “PR Impact Awards 2024” event, which will take place on 7th of June in Vilnius, traditionally consists of three parts: conference presentations and discussions, the presentation of the best communication projects, and the evening awards.

This year, a jury of Lithuanian and foreign experts will select the winners in 20 categories. Two new categories are Community Engagement and Building and Courage in Communication. Entries can be submitted on the “PR Impact Awards” website until 6 May, and the deadline for the lowest price is 17 April at 23.59.  Entries for the Communicator of the Year Awards are also open until 2 May. Tickets for the event are now available on the PR Impact Awards website.

The conference and the “PR Impact Awards” are organised for the 11th time by the Lithuanian Communication Association (LTKA) together with the Communication Industry Association (KIA). The partners of the event are the media analysis company “Mediaskopas”, the marketing and communication news portal “M360” and the sociological research company “Spinter tyrimai”.  For more information visit www.primpactawards.com.


PR Impact Awards 2024