Extended Deadline for PR Impact Awards 2018 Applications: May 4


Extended Deadline for PR Impact Awards 2018 Applications: May 4

After receiving numerous requests, the organizers of the annual PR Impact Awards 2018 are happy to announce the extended application deadline: May 4.

The event, which is being organized by the Lithuanian Communications Association and the Lithuanian Association of Public Relations Agencies, is highlighting innovation and its impact on communications this year: are robots going to replace PR professionals?

Innovation is not only at the focus of the PR Impact Awards 2018, but also a part of the event itself. For the first time ever, applicants are able to submit their communication projects for the “Innovation in Communications” and “Influencer and Viral Communications” award categories.

According to one of the event’s Jury members, Viktoria Mykhno, the event’s focus on innovation is exploring one of the hottest topics in the industry, and that is why she will also be looking for it when evaluating the award applications.

“In the applications, I will be looking for business strategy understanding, and the use of innovative solutions in order to meet business and client demands,” says the PR Impact Awards 2018 Jury member.

The competition is open to all communication projects implemented between May, 2017, and April of this year. As in the previous years, PR professionals and agencies from around the Baltic Sea region are welcome to apply.

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