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PR Impact Awards 2018

May 18, 2018
VGTU „LinkMenų fabrikas“
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Are robots going to replace PR professionals?

May 18, 2018


Registration and Welcome Coffee

We are meeting at VGTU „LinkMenų fabrikas“, Linkmenų st. 28, Vilnius.




Humour Is Not for Computers to Make

Andrius Užkalnis

Lithuanian journalist, publicist

Can computers be humorous? Andrius Užkalnis does not think so.




Which Is more Important in Communications: the Word or the Feeling?

Justinas Burokas

Psychologist - psychotherapist, Human Study Center

If a robot told you "I love you", would you feel the same as if a loved one would have said that? We may understand human communications as a schematic interchange of information units (i.e. words), but it is much more than that. Firstly, that is a creation of a relationship, which is visible in between the lines. This part will determine how successful our conversation is going to be independently from its parties: a manager and his/her subordinate, an employee and a client, or a speaker and an audience. Can this part be changed by an algorithm? Let us discuss that.


Are Robots Capable of Creating, Maintaining and Nurturing Reputation?

Christophe Ginisty

Expert on Reputation and Social Media

Can communications keep up with innovation? Does that concern reputation at all? Are robots capable of replacing reputation experts? These are some of the questions Christophe Ginisty will cover.


Naughty or Nice? Reinvent Public Relations by Implementing Artificial Intelligence

Ivars Namatevs

Researcher at Turiba University's Business Technology Institute

PR professionals can look to other industries for lessons to be learned and techniques to be adopted to accelerate beneficial relationships between organizations and their audiences. The future of great PR is data-focused. From big data to small data, modern PR has become ever dependent from data. Companies that want to succeed in modern PR must embrace numbers and analytics.

Therefore, it is hard to argue with the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) will play a bigger role in every part of our life and PR will not be an exception. Whether AI will replace PR professionals, transform the workplace and can impact PR industry in coming years is an open question. Topics to be covered look on PR industry from AI perspective. They include adaption of machine-learning algorithms, artificial neural networks for the speech recognition and video vision, augmenting reality, robotics and capacity of AI-powered applications to predict media trends during crisis situations of their clients.


Coffee Break


Panel Discussions

Session I

Trolls from up Close

Panel discussion on propaganda, deception and countermeasures.

Panel Members:

Tomas Čeponis, representative of the Strategic Communications Department at the Lithuanian Armed Forces

Solvita Denisa-Liepniece, media literacy adviser at the Baltic Centre for Media Excellence, former journalist

Jon Roozenbeek, researcher at Cambridge University

Moderated by Linas Kontrimas

Session II

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. What can we do together to present our region to the world?

Panel Members:

Ieva Stūre, Chairwoman of the Latvian Communications Association

Maris Herlland, Estonian journalist and PR expert

Mykolas Katkus, Chairman of the Board at Fabula Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Moderated by Mindaugas Lapinskas

Session III

Challenge of Glory: the Price of Publicity

Panel Members:

Aurelijus Veryga, Lithuanian Minister of Healthcare

Ieva Zasimauskaitė, singer and the Lithuanian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest

Moderated by Andrius Užkalnis


Lunch Break


Presentation of the Projects Selected by the Jury


Award Ceremony and Networking

This part of the agenda will take place at Vaidilos Theatre, A. Jakšto st. 9, Vilnius.

PR Impact Awards

PR Impact Awards is an international and the largest in Lithuania annual Public Relations and Communications event organized by the Lithuanian Communications Association and the Lithuanian Association of Public Relations Agencies. The event has been organized since 2014, and usually consists of three parts. The first part is the PR Impact Awards conference, during which speakers from Lithuania and abroad share their knowledge and experiences. The conference is then followed by the presentation of shortlisted projects and an award ceremony of the best projects in PR and Communications.


International Jury Members




Award Categories

  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014

The event, organized by the Lithuanian Public Relations Specialists‘ Association (LRVS) and the Lithuanian Association of Public Relations Agencies (RSVA) was taking place at the Vilnius Tech Park on May 5. The event, organized for the fourth time, was more international than ever: it invited communication agencies and professionals from around the Baltic Sea region to submit their projects for the awards, an international jury consisting of 11 communication experts evaluated those applications, and there were keynote speakers from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Lithuania delivering their insights.

More than 130 PR and communication professionals from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia took part at the PR Impact Awards 2017 Conference. At it, a number of presentations on the PR market, its changes and trends as well as the influence of big data on and the importance of performance measurement for communications were reviewed.

“At this year’s event we have witnessed a huge competition between very professional Baltic communications agencies. This was a great opportunity to explore the work of the colleagues, to compare the Baltic trends, to discover differences and similarities. A lot of international clients look at the Baltic as a single market, thus it was a great chance to see what competences we share”, says Romualta Stonkutė, Chairwoman of the RSVA.

PaRa Impact Awards turned international in 2016. The organizers, which included the Lithuanian Public Relations Specialists’ Association and the Lithuanian Association of Public Relations Agencies, were joined by a news outlet Verslo Zinios, which became the event’s media partner. The cooperation took the event to the international level by bringing speakers from the United Kingdom and Sweden to the event and inviting PR and communications professionals from Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Finland, Estonia and Latvia to join the awards’ jury.

In addition to the established international scope, the PaRa Impact Awards extended the range of topics covered at the conference by its speakers: from social responsibility communications to a political communication and its relation to the public opinion, to the latest industry trends.

Last year’s event received the largest amount of the awards applications ever. 50 different projects were competing for “The Best Project’s” title in a number of categories, including Corporate Communication, Integrated Communication Campaign, Marketing Communications, Event, Social Media Communications and others.

The first event’s success in attracting Lithuanian PR professionals demanded the event’s increase in scope in 2015. To achieve that, the Lithuanian Public Relations Specialists’ Association, the original organizers, joined their forces with the Lithuanian Association of the Public Relations Agencies. That way, two largest PR associations in the Lithuania began contributing to the event.

The submitted PR and Communications projects competed in the Corporate Communications, Integrated Communications, Social Responsibility Communications, Social Media Communications, Press Release, Event Communications, as well as PR Officer of the Year and PR/Communication Agency of the Year categories. The event’s jury awarded projects from both public and private sectors.

PaRa 2014 was the first of its kind and the only event for PR professionals in Lithuania. Its primary goal was to encourage expertise sharing in the industry and to provide better opportunities for networking.

At the conference of 2014, a number of keynotes were delivered by nationally acknowledged communications experts, journalists and business representatives.

For the first time ever, Lithuanian PR industry received nominations in such categories as “The Tandem of the Year”, “The Most Active Business Communicators”, “The Spokesperson of the Year” and “The Project of the Year”.