„PR Impact Awards“ will look for success formulas for Hybrid Communication


„PR Impact Awards“ will look for success formulas for Hybrid Communication

The largest annual event for communication professionals, „PR Impact Awards 2021“, this year will analyze the success formula for hybrid communication. Event will focus on exceptional projects of a recent year that successfully combined channels, forms and means of remote and traditional communication.

„PR Impact Awards 2021“, planned for June 10th, would be divided into 3 parts: presentations and discussions in a conference, public presentation of shortlisted projects, and awards.

„This year more than ever we witnessed a number of non-traditional forms and channels of communication designed to reach different target audiences, isolated or employed by pandemics and quarantine. Transformed communication prevails everywhere today, hybridizing social, political, economic, cultural and personal relationships. Everything we were used to being constant and precise, has today become fragile, and requires flexibility, ingenuity and adaptability. The best communication formulas will be unveiled along with Lithuanian and foreign professionals at this year‘s event“, – says Paulius Tamulionis, one of the organizers of „PR Impact Awards 2021“, a member of Council of Association of Communication Industry (KIA in Lithuanian).

He says that in 2020 a completely fresh, innovative and transformed hybrid medium for communication has emerged. In addition to that, private, public and NGO sectors had opportunity to witness that communication is no longer an alternative, but rather mandatory element of work, as what was considered to be normal or self-evident is no longer working today or even impedes the progress.

„This year is full of non-standard solutions, when traditional forms of communication (media relations, events, etc.) were supplemented by unconventional forms and channels as well as unexpected solutions. Podcasts, flash mobs and civic initiatives flourished – this was inspired by this unusual circumstances of pandemics. This is a time of extraordinary challenges for all communications professionals, therefore, we aim to refine the best practices (success formulas) and share this invaluable experience with the community“, – points out Karolina Barišauskienė, also one of organizers and a member of the Board of Lithuanian Communication Association.

Commission consisting of Lithuanian and foreign experts will select the winners in 15 categories. Agency with the most acknowledgments will be named an Agency of the Year. Submission of applications will launch on April 1st, 2021. Low-price tickets for remote event are already available on „PR Impact Awards 2021“ website.

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