“PR Impact Awards” jury members share advice for applicants: “Those who dare – win”


The “PR Impact Awards” is now open for applications, but there’s still time to take your time – the competition runs until 6th of May. You can apply for a reduced price until 28th of April. If you haven’t filled in your application yet, the organisers invite you to take advantage of the judges’ advice on what to focus on. 

The winners are those who dare

This year’s international jury is made up of 11 Lithuanian and 11 foreign communication professionals. They will judge entries in 20 categories, two of which are new: “Community Engagement / Development” and “Courage in Communication”. 

Giedrius Juozapavičius, a member of the jury, SMP, marketing strategist, consultant, radio and TV programme maker, claims that this is the most interesting and relevant category for us as a society this year. He believes that courage is needed not only for ordinary people who talk about their convictions, beliefs and sexual orientation, but above all for brands.

“Courage is the new currency. People want a position from a brand, a clear declaration of what your backbone is, what you stand for and who you are. Courage in communication allows smaller, less well-known and less well-resourced brands to stand out and be unique in the information flow, while large brands can set a new standard, form a new attitude, emphasise values, and set new boundaries in the existing perceptions,” the expert shares.

Giedrė Bielskytė, an independent consultant and member of the commission, echoes him, noting that the field of communication in Lithuania sometimes even seems a bit boring. “Audiences like boldness. The viral campaigns are those that are controversial, include social aspects, painful issues. So those who dare win,” says Bielskytė. 

As for the second category, she points out that communication in general is a community activity, and creating different communities makes sense not only from a business point of view, but also from a social point of view. “I would like to see as many projects as possible focused on community building, on finding like-minded people, so that they have space for discussion. I believe that community is a strength not only in communication or business, but also in life,” says the Commissioner.

The impact of communication is key

As Renata Matkevičienė, Dean of the Faculty of Communication at Vilnius University, another member of the competition jury, says, it is a common practice that when planning and implementing communication projects, we aim to achieve our communication goals, which contribute to the achievement of the organisation’s goals. However, according to the expert, communication is not only about written, seen and shared posts or created instant emotions. 

“Communication is about relationships based on trust, understanding, respect, about adding intangible value. So, in the project description, and more importantly in the project itself, I want to see a drive to create – to know, to be interested, to be involved, to create positive change in each of us, in the organisation, in the country,” says R. Matkeviciene.

The Commissioner hopes to see not only ambitious goals, innovative tactics, effective communication messages and great results in the applications of the participants. The most important thing, she says, is to discuss the planned, achieved and expected impact of the communication, weighing up all the risks and taking responsibility: “After all, it shouldn’t just be about a specific short-term project to achieve long-term goals. It is much more important how it builds on previous communication campaigns, complementing, modifying and thus creating long-term value.”

Looking forward to a new approach to traditional channels

Commissioner G. Bielskytė reveals that the presentation of projects is her favourite part of the “PR Impact Awards” event because, according to her, it shows the real trends in the market, reveals the direction in which organisations and communication agencies are moving, and identifies the most important issues for the society at the time.

“As the public becomes more aware, the focus and expectations on organisations grows. There is a sense that a younger generation is entering the market, with a focus on meaning, the environment and social issues. At the same time, the importance of employer communication remains on the podium of the most important communication trends,” says G. Bielskytė.

However, the expert notes that projects often focus on one target group only, neglecting other stakeholders. “We are working in a matrix, so I am interested in assessing which groups have been reached by the communication, and what means have been used to do so. It is important that the project is coherent and inclusive”, says the Commissioner, who will be looking at the applications.

She adds that she will also take into account the completeness of the different channels and expects to see in the applications forgotten, traditional means of communication that companies are successfully renewing: “I agree with the saying that the new is what the old is forgotten, so I expect to see not only a good result from projects and campaigns, but also a new approach to the traditional channels.

Only the application is evaluated

Juozapavičius also answers what participants should consider when filling in their applications. He says that he has often participated in various commissions and has noticed that those who fill in the application do not bother to provide information, to describe in detail the objectives, the result, the strategy or the key tactical steps. 

“Bidders sometimes seem to think that everybody knows everything about the project they are submitting, so very little information can be provided. I want to sadden such participants. In most cases, the jury receives dozens of applications to evaluate and the way the participant completes his/her application, how inclusively he/she is able to present his/her brand, usually determines the grade awarded. Remember that only what you put in your application is assessed, so good luck in completing it well”, – wishes G. Juozapavičius. 

The deadline for applications is 6th of May

The “PR Impact Awards 2024” event, which will take place on 7th of June in Vilnius, traditionally consists of three parts: conference presentations and discussions, the presentation of the best communication projects, and the evening awards. 

This year, a jury of Lithuanian and foreign experts will select the winners in 20 categories. Applications for the competition can be submitted on the “PR Impact Awards” website until 6 May, and you can still apply for a reduced price of EUR 150 until 28 April. Applications for the Communicator of the Year Awards are also open until 2 May. Tickets for the event are now available on the “PR Impact Awards” website.

The conference and the “PR Impact Awards” are organised for the 11th time by the Lithuanian Communication Association (LTKA) together with the Communication Industry Association (KIA). The partners of the event are the media analysis company “Mediaskopas”, the marketing and communication news portal “M360” and the sociological research company “Spinter tyrimai”. For more information visit www.primpactawards.com  

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