Questions arise inevitably during submission of applications. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where do I find Rules of the Competition?

The rules in English are here: 

The rules in Lithuanian are here:

When the projects eligible for applying in ‘PR Impact Awards 2020’ must be implemented?

The applications can be submitted for the projects implemented May 1st, 2020 – April 30th, 2021.

Is the number of applications limited?

No, an unlimited number of applications can be submitted. However, please, note, that every single application is subject to a separate application fee.

Is it allowed to submit the same application in several categories?

Yes, it is allowed. However, please, note, that every single application is subject to a separate application fee.

What is the final hour on May 10th to submit an application?

Applications must be submitted before 11:59 PM, May 10th.

When the payment for an application is due: May 10th, or later?

Good question! It is important to make a payment before 11:59 PM, May 10th. We advise to request a written pre-payment invoice here: 

Will it be allowed to review the application after submitting?

No. We strongly advise to go through all the fields of the application before filling them. The procedure is here: Steps of application

What is the difference between ‘Project Impact’ and ‘Communication Results’?

‘Project impact’ is meant to reveal project’s social impact on society. ‘Results’ are for mentioning particular results after actions of communication, f.e. number of mentions in the media, number of events with number of participants, growth numbers of social media followers, and so on.

In case we did not measure the results before/after the project, how do we submit data on the impact?

It is not required to present particular measurements before/after the campaign. You can choose your own criteria, describe them to the Jury, and then apply to specify the impact/change you have determined/feel you have reached.

The Rules require that a client and project implementers decide among themselves which one of them submits the application. Is a written consent needed?

No. You just have to decide among yourselves.

Which has to be mentioned in the 1st step of application: the Client or the Agency?

The one submitting the application! As mentioned above, you have to come to an agreement among yourselves on who submits an application. If Applicant (step 1) is the Agency, then put down the Client in the step 3 (Client or Agency field).

What do we do if payment might be delayed in our organization?

You should request a pre-payment invoice immediately: If a payment is made on the last day (May 10th) or you’re not sure we receive it on time, please, send us a copy of your payment order to



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